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News from 2013

"It Always Seems Impossible, Until It's Done"

December 14, 2013
"It Always Seems Impossible, Until It's Done"
December 12, 2013

Dear Friends,


At this special time, our thoughts are with the family and friends of Nelson Mandela - and all of South Africa, as they (and we all) celebrate a great leader. As we face the challenges ahead we recall his inspiring words, " It always seems impossible until it's done."

It's been a little over two weeks since the WECC/IWECI team returned from the whirlwind UNFCCC COP19 in Warsaw, Poland. Many thanks to our allies for their hard work there as we all held blazing in our hearts the words of Mr.Yeb Sano, the lead negotiator of the Philippine's delegation who poignantly said  "stop the madness." Amidst a tense atmosphere of heated debates, late-night negotiations and failed progress in many areas, the two weeks nevertheless witnessed energized advocacy for gender equality, women's leadership and an unprecedented level of civil society action. The stakes rose and the call to action became even more urgent with the arrival of super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, prompting developing country governments to call out developed countries on the grave consequences, contemporary and future, for their current inaction. Even though progress was generally stalled at COP-19, there were important steps taken to address the effects of climate policies on women. 'Gender and climate change' was on the agenda and the Global Gender Climate Alliance held a gender workshop. Please see below a recap of the COP and our participation.


Recap of COP

December 09, 2013

November 8: Supertyphoon Hiyan devastates the Philippines

We don’t think the message can be clearer, and neither do the experts. "Science tells us that simply, climate change will mean more intense tropical storms. As the Earth warms up, that would include the oceans. The energy that is stored in the waters off the Philippines will increase the intensity of typhoons and the trend we now see is that more destructive storms will be the new norm," declared Yeb Sano.

Historic Women's Summit

December 06, 2013
Dear Friends,

We want to share with you the Introductory Clause of the International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative Declaration Statement that was launched at the IWECI Summit this last month:

  "We are the mothers and the grandmothers, sisters and daughters, nieces and aunts, who stand together to care for all generations across our professions, affiliations and national identities.

  We are teachers and scientists, farmers and fishers, healers and helpers, workers and business peoples, writers and artists, decision-makers and activists, leaders and thinkers. We work in the halls of power, the halls of faith and the halls of our homes.

  We are gathering to raise our voices to advocate for an Earth-respecting cultural narrative, one of “restore, respect, replenish” and to replace the narrative of “domination, depletion and destruction” of nature.

  We are committed to a transition from a future of peril to a future of promise, to rally the women around the world to join together in action at all levels until the climate crisis is solved."

Please see full Statement
Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative Declaration Statement

Audio Recording of September 17th Media Briefing

December 05, 2013

Summit Delegates Tzeporah Berman, Casey Camp-Horinek, Carmen Capriles, Anne Marie Miller and Kelly Rigg join Summit Co-Directors Osprey Orielle Lake and Sally Ranney for a pre-Summit media briefing, with moderator Claire Greensfelder.

Summit Completes: Declaration and Action Agenda Takes on Climate Change and Promotes Sustainability Solutions

October 05, 2013

33 Million Strong, Women Form Unprecedented Alliance

Declaration and Action Agenda Takes on Climate Change and Promotes Sustainability Solutions

Bios and quotes from participating delegates:  http://www.iweci.org/summit-delegates

Photos available:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/101097407@N04/

Video of Summit Proceedings:  http://www.youtube.com/user/IWECI?feature=watch

B-Roll Available Upon Request

New York— Unlikely partnerships, meaningful policy, reaching beyond the choir, gender equality and a commitment to bold action were all on the agenda as 100+ women from around the world gathered in New York for three days of dialogue and deliberation at the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit.  Emerging from the gathering, a burgeoning collaborative of organizations with a combined reach of 33 million women and men is now poised to become a major force in the climate and sustainability movements.

International Leaders Gather to Draft Women’s Climate Action Agenda

September 20, 2013
Policymakers, Scientists, Businesswomen, Indigenous Leaders, Activists and Environmental Luminaries Join Forces To Address Climate Crisis 
New York—A powerful cohort of women leaders from 35+ countries will come together in New York later this month to take bold action on climate change and craft a Women’s Climate Action Agenda.  
The group includes a compelling mix of business leaders, former heads of state, scientists, government officials, indigenous leaders, activists, teachers, community organizers and culture shapers, who will complete the Women’s Climate Action Agenda at the first International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit, September 20th-23rd.
Participants include: Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary to the UNFCCC; Marina Silva, former Brazilian Minister of Environment; Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland; Dr. Jane Goodall, Dame of the British Empire, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and United Nations Messenger of Peace; Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams; Dr. Sylvia Earle, marine biologist; May Boeve, 350.org Executive Director; Dr. Vandana Shiva and leaders from Global Gender Climate Alliance, Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), 1 Million Women, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and other grassroots organizations.  (See a full list of Summit delegates here: http://www.iweci.org/summit-delegates ) 
“We are bringing women leaders together at this crucial time in history because we know that women are uniquely positioned to implement the critical sustainability solutions needed to address the world’s pressing climate challenges,” said Osprey Orielle Lake, co-founder of the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit.  “Nature will not wait while politicians debate.  Women around the world are facing the impacts of a changing climate every day, and we are coming together to say “enough is enough” and it is time for action that addresses the roots of this crisis and fosters just solutions.”

President Obama’s U.S. Climate Action Plan

June 25, 2013

On Tuesday, June 25th, United States President Barak Obama made a powerful and historic speech on climate, one that many of us at WECC and IWECI have been hoping he would make for five years now. With a bold commitment to future generations, Obama announced the first-ever Presidential U.S. Climate Action Plan. This helpful infographic lays out the basics of President Obama’s plan.

We are thrilled that the President’s plan will use the full authority of the Clean Air Act to limit air pollution from both new and existing power plants. Additionally, he stated that he will not approve the Keystone XL pipeline if it harms the climate, because to do so would not be in the national interest.

The plan also includes a promise for real leadership at the international climate negotiations, and a commitment for building concrete international policies that are “ambitious, inclusive and flexible”. We also appreciate and echo his hopes that other countries won’t have to “repeat all the same mistakes that we made” in the United States.

This news makes the work of our IWECI 100 Women Summit all the more timely and vital. Together we will have the opportunity to hold President Obama to his many new promises, and we share the responsibility to educate and challenge him on the places where his plan falls short. We know women will play a powerful role in the various initiatives outlined in the plan nationally and internationally, but we will also go farther. From working together to be sure that nuclear power, pipelines and fracking aren’t considered part of a clean energy portfolio to ensuring a just economic and environmental transition the work of WECC and IWECI will push the Obama Administration, and other world governments towards the future we know is possible.

In response to Obama’s announcement, former U.S.Vice-President and climate advocate Al Gorehad this to say:

President Obama's proposals are in keeping with the current political reality; inaction and denial have consumed Congress. But the climate crisis requires a new political reality: one marked by a willingness to accept solutions commensurate with the challenge.

I hope the President's speech will be followed up by a decision to make this challenge a centerpiece of his leadership during his remaining three and a half years in office. The hard truth is that the maximum that now seems politically feasible still falls short of the minimum necessary to actually solve the climate crisis. Continued and constant use of the bully pulpit, determined follow-through on the steps announced today, and additional steps in the months ahead can change the political reality and build a bipartisan consensus for the broader changes that are needed urgently.

The White House Women's Leadership Summit on Climate and Energy

June 04, 2013

On May 23rd, WECC Founder/President and Founder/Co-Director of IWECI, Osprey Orielle Lake, attended the White House Women’s Leadership Summit on Climate and Energy. At this meeting, 100 women leaders selected from the public and private sector were invited to engage in dialogue about President Obama’s climate and energy agenda. Topics included the science of climate change, communication about the climate and energy challenges, policy solutions, and activism in our workplaces, careers, and communities.

WECC take-away: Remarkable women across the U.S. are leaders in organizing and implementing sustainability solutions in their communities. However, as we continue our work in our own communities, it is critical that we unifycoordinate andcollaborate to demand effective policies. As President Obama said in his Earth Day Proclamation, “Nothing is more powerful than a million voices calling for change.” Women need to be those voices!

Women of the Land Speak: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Tar Sands to Renewables

March 07, 2013

The Women’s Earth and Climate Caucus sent a delegation to D.C. and hosted an event on February 17th titled Women of the Land Speak: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Tar Sands to Renewables.

New Paper Released: Managing Investment Portfolios without Fossil Fuel Stocks

February 22, 2013

Portfolio 21 has released a new publication titled "Managing Investment Portfolios without Fossil Fuel Stocks." The paper details the unique investment risks of the coal, oil, and gas sector, as well as how our firm manages portfolio diversification without fossil fuel exploration and production stocks.

This paper is intended to provide information to investment professionals and individual investors interested in the emerging "fossil free investing" movement. This campaign is seeking to encourage institutional investors to divest from fossil fuel companies, due to their climate change impact and corporate environmental practices.

Commit to fierce urgency and ambition in solving the climate crisis

January 04, 2013

The Women's Earth and Climate Caucus is signing this petition, please join us. The UNFCCC Women and Gender Constituency in Doha is working hard!

Petitioning Parties Blocking Action on Climate Change at COP18 Petition by UNFCCC Women and Gender Constituency

Dear Parties,

We need a signal from you that you care about the women, men and youth of this world. So far, your lack of urgency to work towards the common goal of saving people and the planet has left us angered and dismayed. When you fail to make concrete commitments to scaled up and continued financing; when you cater to the interests of the fossil fuel industry over the interests of people; when you fail to stand on the side of innovation and progress and share sustainable, safe and equitable technologies; when you fail to ensure countries are enabled to adapt to and pay for the losses and damages resulting from climate change; when you fail to speak up for our rights; you do NOT speak for us.